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April 2019

— Current name is fine then


I might go through it, I guess you think I try to rely on this group as the only source of knowledge, I actually follow a lot of developers not mentioning MDN, W3 and reading books. If this telegram group is responsive then I'm sure that I will be very fond of it even without these videos, because that is what I was looking for

— But I'm not saying no, I will give your videos a try for sure

— I second this. His videos are great.

— Guys i have a problem with my code

— Share it here :)

— I tried to insert table of content in blogger with html examples and its working but the toc is fetching all head tags in my blog

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— See here

— Its fetching all head tags including sidebar texts and other widget text what to do?

— Sorce here

— Pls help

— Unfortunately I know nothing about fetching and promises so let's wait for the experts