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April 2019

— Do you use Express or Fastify (or something else?)


Basically i want to learn node js working experience i learn some basics of node and I have good knowledge of JavaScript

— Are you familiar with async / await?

— I know async await but never used

— I would prefer Fastify because it supports async await and it faster than express. Most express modules also work with fastify

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— It works for me. displayTime is showing a different value every second.

— Yes but does it update newGame.startTime property

— That's what I need to achieve

— Yes it does. But, when your calling the play method it evaluates that expression and passes it like a value. That’s why it never updates that value. But if instead of func you put in the console.log a this.startTime you should see the new value.

If I understood well maybe you want something like => newGame.startTime)

and inside of the console you execute the argument func.

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— Https://

— I need to think on that, I didn't understand what you ment in 100 percent but it's not your fault, I'm still new in this

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— I basically need an easy access everywhere in the js file to the updated version of newGame.startTime

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