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April 2019

— You dont need a framework to create a project


I am updating the state of the react state. Immediately after calling "setState" method, I am calling another method that use the updated state value. But as this.setState takes some time to update the value state value. I am accessing the same state in the function called instead of the updated one. So, I tired to set a promise to setState method so that I can specify a callback when the state is updated. So, how to do it ? any help ?

— Noooooo, you can send a callback function as 2d parameter of the setState method. There you access to the updated value

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— Wow thanks

— Hi. Can someone help me with one project ? Need to create JSON data visualization into chart with loop

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— Data sorted by I'd and filtering

— Please PM me

— Who still uses jQuery

— Those who do not know js or those who need to support old browsers

— Which js framework is popular now

— Vue.js

— Why