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April 2019

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You can get IP, and geolocational info just from reading the bytecode of the packets exchanged between your boxes

— The ip of the user may be dynamic right ?

— It will be changing everytime whenever he connects to internet

— DHCP is a myth.
It leases the same IP to you 90% of the time. PAT could potentially create problems for you though

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— 80% dynamic

— Daam

— However, if you get their routers public facing IP, you could theoretically exploit it, and pivot off of it to their box

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— Realistically though, its easier to just spearfish your users, and hope someone clicks on a crafted payload in the email or link you leave

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— Higher payout than specifically targetting someone in the modern day.

— As far as I know, you can get the cookies of your website. But you can not access the cookies of any other domains that are stored in the browser

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— This action will be restricted by the browser