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April 2019

— He gave me the same adapter back home


Second–hand goods that you buy from a trader are also covered by the minimum 2-year guarantee. However, goods bought from private individuals are not covered.

— Even after i asked

— So should be 2 years even for used goods

— Na, trust me

— In some EU countries, when you buy second-hand goods you can agree with the trader on a guarantee period of less than 2 years. However, it must be no shorter than 1 year and should be made clear at the time of purchase.

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— Unless you agree on less

— Sadly two years are not obligated but one year is

— 2 years is obligated unless you agree otherwise

— Yes, the period is for 2 years but most shops put 1 in his conditions, which means that you accept when you buy the product

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— That's retarded

— You are right in that