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April 2019

— Check guarantees for faulty goods


Its in the law.. otherwise he would have send me straight home.. that guy.. you would not believe it

— If a good is faulty, the seller must:
* repair or replace them free of charge or give you a price reduction or a full refund.
(for 2 years minimum)

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— Which is pretty relaxed

— "partial refund" is pretty broad

— But again, this only applies to faults

— What exactly is the issue with your machine?

— If your product breaks within the first 6 months, it is assumed that the problem existed when you received the goods, unless the trader can prove otherwise.

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— Adapter broke the platine

— So for the first 6 months you don't have to prove anything

— (after buying)

— True, but for used products two years are not obligated, but 1 year is