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April 2019

— Hi guys. Looking for person who can do parse data from JSON to flowchart. PM me


If i pass a method as a prop and then call props. Method () wouldn't this refer to the props object in the method body?

— The this keyword

— How can we display the dates and day in month wise in a table for each year?

— Hi guys, My name is Rafael, I'm 21, from Brazil, Co-founder of a software development company and I came here to learn more about development with the english community, I'm not fluent in english yet so I'm sorry if I write something wrong 😂

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— Nice, and welcome

— Thank you 😁

— .

— What company

— Hey guys, is there a way to read the system RAM specs out of the node_modules folder?
I have a 'new laptop' with the old SSD, on which there are the old node_modules installed, so i guess the info is out thereß

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— Wat

— System RAM isn't folder-dependent