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April 2019

— (Joke)


I need to create a funtion that moves a message from server node to all nodes and another funtion that moves a message from the rogue node to all other nodes. I am using d3.js library and svg. Any help

— Neither d3 nor svg deals with networking

— What if i can craft a network message. How do i move it along the paths/links

— Well, you probably want to tell each intersection node how to forward a message

— Could you help me with some resources where i can learn that?. How about the transform and translate attribute. Can i use that together with ease and duration funtion to control the simulation

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— Simulation?

— Do you want to do actual network transfers or visually simulate a network?

— It is just a simulation of ARP spoofing

— I want to visually simulate a network

— Aha

— I'm not sure I'm experienced enough in D3 to help you then