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April 2019

— Ya thanks I've learned this time


Thik that if you don't know enough about js and you pass with help in your daily tasks you cannot do anything alone

— U don need to tell me that

— Put your questions when you need and I try to do the best to help

— Ok what is exactly the use of breakpoint?

— When you are debuging?

— I think that stops the execution in that point to see the values of the variables and if everything works until that point.

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— Is like freezing the time when the execution arrives to that line

— Alright thanks

— You have to do it in PHP, since browser JavaScript is not secure enough for banking:

echo $bank->getBalance($customer);

You also need the bank balance library and the customer library

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— (Joke)

— I need to create a funtion that moves a message from server node to all nodes and another funtion that moves a message from the rogue node to all other nodes. I am using d3.js library and svg. Any help

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