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March 2019

β€” I want to add a text in body but when I use from appendchild it doesn't work


Hi guys. My best video on Instagram about programming 😭 .

β€” Don’t use moment. Is way too big.
Use alternatives like date-fns or dayjs

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β€” Hello, i don't get it. Why do i get no output? When i uncomment the console.log(json) inside that function, i get the output i want.

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β€” What's the best js framework for Dom manipulation as well as working with API at the same time

β€” Please help

β€” Because you’re executing an async function. And that’s perfect to communicate with apis.

the last line should be like: getData(VOTE_RECORD).then(console.log)

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β€” The return in async functions are passed as argument for the resolved promise

β€” Async functions executions resolve in promises.

β€” Have you tried frontend frameworks like React or Vue?

β€” I used plain js till date

β€” You may want to start using frontend frameworks if you need a framework to manipulate dom.