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March 2019

— I mean I want to upload multiple files once, (the size of each file ranges from 2 to 3gb), did I misphrase anything ?

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I found resumable.js, but if you want to support a wide range of old browsers you can use Plupload or SFW Upload (but yikes, they use Adobe Flash, you wouldn’t support modern browsers)

— Hello everyone! :)

— I was just wondering what kind of files you want to upload? What kind of files are this large?

— Dumps of serial time databases for data analysis? I dunno

— Im a programming beginner and im writing my first code in node js. I often had the plan to learn programming but i never had a real life project which i have now (related to blockchain). :D Im working my way trough the YDKJS Book Nr. 1 and im making my first steps with map, filter and reduce instead of loops. Im thrilled and maybe i need a little bit of help here and there, so that's why im here!

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— Use typescript

— Nice, in fact that book is recommended in the pinned message, so I think it’s a good start.

— Thanks, i will work my way trough the pinned message. A lot of stuff! :D

— You mean me?

— I mean everyone

— I'll have a look!