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March 2019

— Hey, what is the exact difference between window.innerHeight and document.body.offsetHeight ???


I am trying to implement a infinte scroll, and I came across the equation (window.innerHeight + window.scrollY) >= (document.body.offsetHeight - 500) ? can anyone say how actually this euation work ?? I tried logging window.innerHeight and document.body.offsetHeight in my console. There is no much difference between them (i.e differenceis less than 100). Then the above equation will be even valid after inital page load right ?

— Maybe ()=> showButtons ??

— Console. Log gives an error cannot read property state of undefined can anyone explain?

— Hello. Can anyone explain the difference between Observable and Subject? When and what should I use?

— In RxJS.

— Again?

— I thought someone already answered you?

— Try this

— Now I just have a question. What is a right way to emit some value on click button, which is rendered by React?

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— I need to use an Observable or a Subject?

— For example, there is app with two screens - A and B. When I pressing button on screen A, some data is processing and screen B is showing. How to make it in pair with RxJS?

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