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March 2019

— When I remove the getResult function, it doesn't work again.


Try to add the "res" argument as the second argument of the submit function and move the getResult function code before the two variables

— I will look at your link and try your method later, thanks a lot.

— I feel extremely happy to fix my problem.

— Excellent, however it is not necessary to use a function to get the result returned by the ajax request, just add an argument to the success function (usually called "data")

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— Okay

— Hey, I got a query while I am working with the reactjs. The code can be found here I am trying to create menu using material ui. I am using a single state called "profile" to detect the open state and closed state of the menu. I tested this with using multiple menu bars with single state variable "profile". It worked fine (I mean if there are three different menu's the one I clicked opened and remaining left closed). As there is a change in state variable should affect all the menu's right (because I am using same state variable to multiple meu's) ?

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— We'll meet again}

— Hi! Check out my last app, developed with React and RxJS.

— Https://

— 😸

— Can I host a node JS API on a linode server ?