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March 2019

— Yes


I suggest you take a look at the link I gave you if you want to reduce your code, the rest will be taken care of by jquery, even setting the headers for the ajax request

— When I remove the getResult function, it doesn't work again.

— Try to add the "res" argument as the second argument of the submit function and move the getResult function code before the two variables

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— I will look at your link and try your method later, thanks a lot.

— I feel extremely happy to fix my problem.

— Excellent, however it is not necessary to use a function to get the result returned by the ajax request, just add an argument to the success function (usually called "data")

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— Okay

— Hey, I got a query while I am working with the reactjs. The code can be found here I am trying to create menu using material ui. I am using a single state called "profile" to detect the open state and closed state of the menu. I tested this with using multiple menu bars with single state variable "profile". It worked fine (I mean if there are three different menu's the one I clicked opened and remaining left closed). As there is a change in state variable should affect all the menu's right (because I am using same state variable to multiple meu's) ?

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— We'll meet again}

— Hi! Check out my last app, developed with React and RxJS.

— Https://