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March 2019

— This is only happening for the first time, if I refresh the page. It is giving the response


I am working with the react app and everything is working fine (all the functionalities). Only during fetching a ceritan API (for the first time after login) I am receving this error that to only in chrome

— Thanks for the reply, but fixed it. I am sorry for not providing the complete info. But it was the error with the variable declaration. There was some problem with the scope of the variable

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— Ok wc😊

— Who knows 100%. I think no one knows so no problem.

— Angular or react which should i start learning?

— Js

— But if you know js, go with react i think

— Yeah i am learning js

— Got comfortable with it

— Looking to expand my knowledge

— I think angular more relevant for those who know strict typed languages like C# already,
but if you know only js, go learn react

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