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March 2019

— And also which good js frameworks are good to learn for the job market


Good start is to know why you even need javascript. i'd start with html & css, and then really learn how the missing puzzle piece fits in.

— Ubuntu vs Windows for programming???

— Manipulate values that are in your html, and when you get that, you can read about the concepts of a framework. i strongly recommend ReactJs

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— HTML and CSS am good with those 2

— Want to become a mean stack developer

— Then as a next step id recommend check out what npm is and whats it good for

— Get into the concepts of writing a web app in components, so that you have a good overview where you got your stuff, like css, if you use css in the classical way

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— Https://

— With that you can experiment a lot in sense of manipulating values that are in your html... which is actually a virtual DOM...but thats a rabbithole, anyway read read read

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— .

— Depends on what you plan on programming