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March 2019

— It's confusing because everything seems fine


Nope. The handleTypeText is not a function, it is a independent component used by many other components. So, even if the present component has got unmounted, the component handleTypeText will be calling itself continously till the complete text is rendered. I am passing the setState method as a object to that handleTypeText component. Hence, the setstate will be called after unmounting, this causes the error

— I guess the iframes here resizes according to the size of the screen

— May be it's
setState creating error?

— Basically

— Because it is getting called when a component is unmounting

— Yes sir

— Can I get an image of screen with output you are getting

— Hi I'm new here I will like to learn java

— I need help

— This is a JavaScript group pal

— At least 1 of these is not a framework