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March 2019

— That's a terribly formulated spec


Add a new name? Do they mean ask the user for a name? Or just append a hardcoded name to the list?

"Update the list of students" What does this mean? Isn't it updated when the name is added? Are they implying you should write the list to a file? Or just update the display?

— I am not sure

— Can you come up withs smth close?

— All of these questions need to be answered first

— Lets go with ask the user for registration, but the admin can create authors and editors

— Linked list

— Anyone use brackets?

— What "C" is doing in JavaScript group 🤔

— Can anybody help me in resolving this error


Which framework is used widely in JavaScript
Anonymous poll
- Node js
- Express
- Angular
- jQuery
17 votes

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— What u making