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March 2019

— Why should we use this..Why not pure JavaScript?


I am beginner..I have lot doubts ..that's why I ask doubts here....there may be technical issues in my code send...but you don't have to see me as a joker...if you have knowledge try to share if you have heart...don't fool others

— Well, nobody is gonna help you with that code

— Make a

— Use jsfiddle instead of pasting here

— There is a lot of ways to say something, please be polite

— All names and I'd are same it's not possible , every one should have a unique id

— How can be done that?

— Each row is dynamically creating

— Then how each row can give different id

— That's a terribly formulated spec

— Add a new name? Do they mean ask the user for a name? Or just append a hardcoded name to the list?

"Update the list of students" What does this mean? Isn't it updated when the name is added? Are they implying you should write the list to a file? Or just update the display?

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