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March 2019

— Thank you i didn't know the order mattered


Hi everyone can any one please help me how to understand the JavaScript code in project. Actually I read the tutorials of JavaScript and solve the some competitive problems by JavaScript.

— The pinned message may help you

— Thanks I will try to start from this.

— If you find yourself stuck, feel free to ask here, and we may be able to guide you.

— We’re all learning

— Thankyou very much I will full try.

— Assume that their is 2 drop-down on basis of 2 drop-down one value is populate by using this value we have perform add and subtract and imp part of the 2 drop-down value change that tha populated value should change and according to it calculation should change

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— Can any one provide solution

— The console log is not printing anything on the console

— Can anybody help

— Synchronous requests are deprecated, use asynchronous requests