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March 2019

— Me too


Hello everyone! Please I asked a question on the bug i am having on React on stackoverflow please kindly go through it and advice me on how to resolves it. I have added my full code and pictures. Here is the link

— Https://

— Which will be the best library for animation using js 1)anime.js or 2)kute.js or any other. Thanks in advance

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— Velocityjs

— Ok

— Thanks 😊😊

— Are bookmarklets not allowed in browsers?

— I think you forgot binding the onChange handler

— That is not the problem it gave the same result even when I use constructors

— If you’re using class there’s an implicit constructor.
If you’re using class components you will need binds.

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— I have tried it that way already by using constructors and even binding the onChange to the constructor but i get the same result. It is populating the form but i cannot edit the form

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