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March 2019

— This way it does not work, i'm trying to set this custom css property, but I'm not succeeding


I tried to set the property in this way["myprop"] but it didn't work and it also returned an error

— Using javascript

— The whole page or just the html of the <body> tag?

— It's like a to do list

— Add tasks

— And later delete them by pressing a button

— I am able to add but not delete

— .

— Body tag

— document.body.innerHTML = ""

— I am trying to add custom inline css in reactjs, I googled and found the following code can be followed. But this renders [object Object] in the style tag. I am not sure why this is happending. this is the code
`<form className={this.props.formClass}>
<div stlye={{ textColor: this.props.messageClass, padding: 5 }}>
{this.props.message !== "" ? this.props.message : ""}

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