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February 2019

— Anyone know how to draw DFD and ER diagram?


Hey does adding event listener event method return anything like true if a button is clicked and false if not

— Which can be stored in a variable

— Do something like this

<button onclick="myAwesomeMethod(this)">click me</button>
- in your function you can access the button on the first parameter. I think its the

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— Thanks

— My problem is that i want to call the same function for two different values for two different buttons.

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— But the thing is that if none of the buttons are clicked then i have to call it for a default value

— You can also get the ID. So you could easily check which button it is

— So its like "A","B","NOTHING"?

— Okk let me try,i will let you know

— Thanks

— Is x =function () a valid syntax?