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February 2019

β€” You’re welcome 😊


Using html and JavaScript
I am displaying content on the <p> tag using a JavaScript function. When I open the html in browser it does display the contents as I Want them but the testing framework on which I'm writing this gives me error (photo below) what does this mean?

β€” In browser it displays the contents (i20-50000...)

β€” But in testing framework it's giving error for the test case

β€” And the testing framework code is?

β€” You mean js code?

β€” Of the testing framework, yes.

β€” Ok, this is working right?
Now let us see the testing code.

β€” The program runs properly in the browser

β€” But when I try to run on the test platform the test cases fail

β€” This is the test case error

β€” And the problem is not your JS code. It’s the framework. Or you’re not following correctly what you have to do to to pass the test cases.

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