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February 2019

— Will this do? CarDetails is id


How to create an array with attributes and values in it?
For eg
Array elements are
Name- datatype : string
Phone - datatype: number

— It’s not finding it

— Maybe you want a object / map.

const data = {name: “Name”, phone: 555} // -> “Name”
data[‘name’] // -> “Name”

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— Send the html please

— But when I open the html file in browser it does display info in <p> is it possible? I'm confused

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— When I select car from drop down menu, it display info of that car

— That p tag has that id?
Do you create it dynamically?

— The p tag has id="CarDetails"

— Yes dynamic

— I have html and js code

— Html code has the drop down menu and a p tag