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February 2019

— Anyone know about Siebel CRM software ?


Anyone know hashing and signature creation for a message in javascript using tweet nacl library....Please help me...give me example and explanation...for front end developement

— No

— Meenu

— He asks for attention🤤 not questions

— Worked..encryption and decryption worked after I do corrections..But I didn't clear the concept..and hashing and signature, I don't know how to code😢

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— Ohhshtt:

— Nice hack

— Im going to put some SVGs with it..

— Obsolete though, template strings solve the problem now

— I tried it on git-draw2, and it didnt work well. i had to escape all \n. also the syntax is not hereDoc syntax

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— 1. No, you don't have to escape newlines with template strings
2. This syntax isn't heredoc either