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February 2019

— Oh, okay.


I have a sentence: "show all the get-params in the request". Is it correctly - get-params? And why not "show the all get-params in the request"?

— get-params is defined as some (single) token previously, and, "the all" is not correct

— Oh, but I just want to talk about the get parameters in the request. So, I should not use a dash?

— And what is correctly in this context? A dash or the dash?

— I'm so happy to learn English so closely to my favorite activity.

— 😸

— Now I'm learning the Flask, python-based web-framework.

— I only want to talk about getting parameters from the request, so, should i use the dash?

— Jezuz, i dont care about english much, google it. ppl are not so british-educated, they use inglesh everywhere. but for native aristocrats it's easy to distinguish the mud, i think

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— Hii

— Welcome 🎉