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February 2019

— I don’t think that error is related to this code. In which line is giving you that error message?


I have to be more specific: when i generate some sound and i reload the Page, i get that error. When i do nothing and i reload the Page, i do not get the error

— The closure is loaded as an external file and then used in the main script

— I think the error is generated by how you load that external file. Check in the network section of the developer tools if the file is loaded correctly after a reload.

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— Anybody can help me? How to speak correctly: "I have a sentence: "<sentence>" or "I have the sentence: "<sentence>""?

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— "a"

— Because it is not yet determined, afterwards it will be "the"

— Oh, okay.

— I have a sentence: "show all the get-params in the request". Is it correctly - get-params? And why not "show the all get-params in the request"?

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— get-params is defined as some (single) token previously, and, "the all" is not correct

— Oh, but I just want to talk about the get parameters in the request. So, I should not use a dash?

— And what is correctly in this context? A dash or the dash?