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February 2019

β€” His brother made VK, so probably he designed telegram either


Yesterday I discovered React.Native. It's a framework for programming mobile apps with JS +React, right?

β€” Any other group, constantly speaks about React/Vue/Angular🀀

β€” Thousands of questions/answers about it on stackoverflow

β€” My bet is to delay it until i get actual task, making changes for $$$$

β€” Https://

β€” πŸ˜…

β€” rextester_bot

β€” node_repl_bot

β€” Hello guys, i am using a closure and the audio api to produce sound but i have an error when i reload the Page

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β€” I get this error message "invalid state error, an attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is not longer usable"

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β€” This is my code