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February 2019

— Why you stay?


I'm trying to find a better job, but when i find a good job (in my opinion), after searching i find a negative reviews by employees, every time.

— Have you consider remote jobs?

— Hm, no. Recent time i thinking only about work in office.

— That means you have reason to not work out of your town?

— Actually i cannot! I just don't have experience of remote working.

— Everyone start from somewhere tho

— Ppl know that rusland is shit, keep calm and improve your skills... PS: try hostel, it's cheaper. if your cat dies from starvation, you'll be instabanned from this group🤤

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— Jezuz, i thought today was a monday... nightmare😅

— There's no problem it's just a task that was given to me by someone.

— Who of You did the Euler challenges? Did the First 8 Yesterday 😇

— Jeez, guys, grow up, nobody will solve your tasks for you.. quit this communistic sht