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February 2019

— Hi man


Can somebody talking with me about modern web-development to improve my English? My native language is Russian.

— Just for fun.

— 😸

— Simple human life themes also accepted.

— Anybody want to know how people lives in Russia?

— 😸

— It's a really sad story, anyway.

— With my current work i earning 450$ per month. Pay for my room is 200$. Also, i live with a cat.

— How can?

— My work is really hard, i think. It's a small company which supports and reworks many different web sites. Everyday i can get a new project without documentation and really little time to doing the job. I don't have time for keeping documentation, tests and refactoring. I'm trying, but sometimes i have to do low quality solutions and it's makes me sad.

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— Why you stay?