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February 2019

β€” I make sure to document all possible exceptions tho


$hit that L00P is worthless with that Promise stuff, what a hell i did itπŸ˜… so fckn wrong.. it should be a timer abstraction helper...

β€” Wat

β€” I've read this 3 times now

β€” Still makes no sense

β€” Hey guys, isnt the holy grail for performance and type safety AssemblyScript?

β€” Would you throw a whole react app through that compiler?

β€” Ok i think now i get it, its meant to be written in the hardest way anyway

β€” Weird

β€” That thing i've made to abstact async stuff, the L00P, it's not good enough. it used to use Promise, but it doesnt really do anything🀀 just refactored it to be *dumber*

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β€” Ive played with telegram api, short-polling the updates..

β€” Of course it's not good enough