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February 2019

— Which ways are better?


Ok i had a new approach...

— Was way faster this time

— It varies by language, for instance in C/C++ throwing is inferior to status codes and often make code harder to read

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— In JS builtins throw by default, so you are forced to catch their errors

— Well C has no throwing built in so you would have to implement it, C++ does

— Hi, I have a database connected with django passing its query results to my browser.
I would like to use javascript to graphically display and animate the query results (I want to be able customise data visualization).
Can you point me a tutorial/manual/other resource to begin with?

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— You didn’t specify what kind of visualizations you wanted, I would asume some kind of charts and not 3d things.

For charting I would recommend chart.js (it’s easy to use and flexible enough and has animations built in)

For querying I would recommend fetch

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— What would an example of a status code be?

— Right. I would like to show graph database-like representations

— And what exactly do you mean by that?

— Something like this