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February 2019

— Thank you


I think this is wrong, connect is a method of socket, you need to write something like:

const socket = io(SERVER(), {path:”/namespace”, query})


— Ok

— Hello, I wanna learn JavaScript in game programming but its a bit complex to me can anyone suggest me on how to settle on it?

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— Is anyone aware of a solid english speaking #VueJS group?

— Https://

— Mostly server-side, but it could be expanded to be more client-side. you need to introduce more js and api for that

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— This fuckin guy

— >Uses an iPhone

— How am I even supposed to take this guy seriously

— Hey guys, i tend to overcomplicate answers for coding tests, what is a good way to Promise.resolve(myself) ?

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— Try finding overcomplicated solutions here on Telegram and work on simplifying them