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February 2019

β€” I sent you the file on DM


This kills your inline script. so it doesnt even run getQuotes(). the project should be restructured. you need a timer to update values, either with setTimeout or requestAnimationFrame

β€” Everything's wrongπŸ˜… close it until baggers reaped your server

β€” Ahh, the classic mistake of not checking your DOM selectors

β€” This is where Maybe monad helps

β€” Ok do you know how I can solve the problem please

β€” Hi

β€” I've got some trouble with

β€” My socket server (made with another programming language) sends the data divided into multiple namespaces, how can I connect to one of these from the javascript client?

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β€” I'm using got from

β€” What issue are you getting with

β€” I don't know what i've to do for connecting the namespace