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February 2019

— I am confused... When is the onSubmitSuccess triggered?


Is it when server response is successful or wheñ the client side validation is complete and the handleSubmit starts executing

— Hello everyone

— Please who knows how to make use of API very well there is this site am coding it's a Forex signals site and I need something like Forex quotes to be reading and updating automatically from a web socket example of what I want to do is something in this website

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— Please I would really appreciate if someone can guide me on how to properly integrate it am using API from

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— And.. what's the problem? frontend/backend? why not REST api? what data to get what data to store what data to display? describe more, so you may not need any help🤤 when you see your task. it's all in the docs, i suppose.

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— .

— Put this in the browser:

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— And then use API docs and console.log to see what you get

— ban.js🤤

— It will be css for sure

— Https://