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January 2019

— If I need an app pm?


Sorry bro, but this group is for developers,noone here needs to buy that, we make this type of software

— Sorry bro

— Please ignore

— Michael bro

— Try to search in fiverr or any platform like that to work online

— Jawad is banned, self promotion is considered SPAM.

— My lizard brain activated, sorry to bother you general

— Anyone that can help me recover a fan page Facebook its giving me a headache here

— Anyone can help me? I want to on/ off torch but I just can on torch. I can off the torch but with mediaStreamTrack.stop() . That method can off the torch but off camera too

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— Is anyone here intentionally using the prototype chain to fake object oriented programming?

— So, if you do stop() the torch is off, right. you say you want to on/off torch only. i think you want to record video silently, but it's bound to the device and driver, JS in browser cant do much about it.

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