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January 2019

— I always try to listen to others, sometimes people has a really valuable feedback


Hi, yesterday I asked about whether they had used heroku with johnny five. I wanted to use it but it did not go, since the server does not recognize the connected arduino devices. Well I found a solution.
You can create an application with Electron and run your application locally, that way if you recognize the devices connected to the computer.

— One does not simply install a hospital managment system

— Can you show me some screenshots from your cryptocurrency exchange or your hospital management system?

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— Wrong place to sell stuff🤤

— Right place to show stuff

— If anyone wants acedemic project on php and javascript than ping me

— Oh, how much does it cost? i want to buy, but have only $500, is it okay?

— Yeah

— No problm

— Can you send me some examples or maybe guest account?

— Yeah