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January 2019

— I'm trying to upload an application that uses jhoony five to Heroku. But do not let me run instances of Heroku because apparently the Heroku servers run on VMs that do not recognize USB devices that you connect to the computers where you opened the page.

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Yes, Johnny 5 use a serial port, split your app and create a server en web and client to connect your device.

— Hi everyone

— Who can help me?

— #question
How to record streaming audio?
For example

— With JavaScript

— Jezuz, he spoke😅 heeey, look, he did it.. well done, grandpa, was useful🤤👍

— Hello

— So you guys deal with JavaScript more than any language?

— I don’t think it’s the case for everyone.

— Some of us, yes.

— Ooh!