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January 2019

— And you dont need to type protype because it cascades down the prototype chain, thats the point with prototype

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Usually only necessary when you want to override stuff in the prototype. Like Array.prototype.indexOf = myNewFunction

— I got vue__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_2__.default.$HTTP is undefined

— This is how my code looks like

— Am not sure with what i wrote at utils/apiBase.js 🤔

— What i want to do actually just make axios accessible globally with custom interceptors defined

— Btw actually i will only call the defined axios object inside my modules (*.js) and will never call it from component tho (if that make any difference)

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— There is so much weird stuff going on in your code.. Are you using npm for getting the packages you need ? Vue and Axios

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— Yes, using vue cli 3 and install axios with npm install axios

— Or vue add axios 🤔 i forgot it tbh

— Alright ! What do you want to do ? Whats the reason for Setting vues HTTP to axios instead

— Https://