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January 2019

— But basically using JS to generate CSS is worse


And.. you know.. large groups become swarmy.. you loose track, so, i dont know what will happen to this group🤤

— It doesnt (animation shouldnt) generate CSS, it should switch it from one state to another. CSS is good for defining states

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— Babbage here you can see my solution

* Created by: Gustav on 2019-01-25
* author: Gustav Karlström

function returnColumns(n) {
const letterFromNumber = number => {
const letter = alphabet.charAt(number % 26);
// or this --> const letter = String.fromCharCode(65 + (number % 26));
const concat = number / 26;
return concat >= 1 ? letterFromNumber(concat - 1) + letter : letter;

const numArray = Array.from(Array(n).keys());
return => letterFromNumber(index)).toString();


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— You just dont know much of animations. if you have several DOM elements, it's superhard to sync them with CSS transitions. your attempt reveals it clearly to me. it is very hard to create interfaces which interact with the layout etc etc

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— It does generate CSS tho

— WA API is literally the JavaScript API that matches the animation CSS rules

— It's just the backside of the same thing

— It's wrong in the root. you define transitions inside CSS data, which supposed to be static, state description.. without any logic/action

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— Oh, you have a new functional freind🤤

— Competition🤤 i like

— Excellent