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January 2019

— Thanks for your feedback


It's a thing that lets any supported language call functions written in any other supported language?

— Functions that somehow "prepared" for this, right?

— What if the function doesnt output anything, but only changes some state inside the runtime

— Not in the source code

— Still works

— Metacall autoprepares any function (also functions written without knowing about metacall)

— Works for what🤤, how do you get the result?

— I mean, there is an API thing for that

— The state gets stored

— If the source has a function to return the state, you can get the result

— Professor X wrote a function that implements super-complex algorthim Y on some data parameter Z. professor X was too busy/lazy to describe how it works, his code is un-decryptable, in julia. well, i decided to use metacall to re-use it🤤 i see this plot

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