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January 2019

— I'll use Debian


I dont know what you mean "agressive". you say "i code everything..." but there, in the medium article you write "we", that's the opinion i think. also, i dont understand why somebody needs to build such a long chain to run a function which dumps something into console, i see no motivation for now.

— Like, you can connect with ssh to the server, and run node cowsay with parameters, right. it's shorter way.

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— I understand

— Thanks for your feedback

— It's a thing that lets any supported language call functions written in any other supported language?

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— Functions that somehow "prepared" for this, right?

— What if the function doesnt output anything, but only changes some state inside the runtime

— Not in the source code

— Still works

— Metacall autoprepares any function (also functions written without knowing about metacall)

— Works for what🤤, how do you get the result?