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January 2019

— Wanna use Unity only?


Just ready this quote:
As a JavaScript developer, I just want to interject that you really don't. When I code for unity, I code in C#. C# is a really well-made language so it's not a pain at all.

— I think, i can do this in c# #improvise, #adapt, #overcome

— Except the type system

— Isnt a Type system a good thing?

— TS ist widespread too

— 3d is way too complex, imo

— Did You try? The modeling via Editor in Unity seems Like a steep learning curve, but kinda promising. Then The Scripting Part in c#.. i have no experience..

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— I dont know how it works, maybe creating objects is simple, but when you get to the interaction it may become superhard

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— Https://
Synup is looking for React Devs.

— Yes, but C#'s type system is not a good type system

— Generics don't outlive the functions they were defined in,
Types don't get refined based on their usage in both ways,
Many other things

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