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January 2019

— This man started when ppl wrote on ActionScript, he's holding that project for more than 10 years.. eh

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Hey Guys im Plannung to build a Game, so im comparing Tools. So js is my Home, but js Frameworks are Not as supportive as unity3d/C# .. whats your opinion for The approach?

— Gonna be 3D

— Any Javascript expert here? Project for you

— Is it open source?

— You mean unityscript? Its not Being continiued..

— Yep unityscript was removed

— Wanna use Unity only?

— Just ready this quote:
As a JavaScript developer, I just want to interject that you really don't. When I code for unity, I code in C#. C# is a really well-made language so it's not a pain at all.

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— I think, i can do this in c# #improvise, #adapt, #overcome

— Except the type system

— Isnt a Type system a good thing?