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January 2019

— Can someone help me a little


<div class="aLF-aPX-a1E-a1O J-J5-Ji aLF-aPX-I aLF-aPX-I-JE" role="button" data-tooltip-unhoverable="true" data-tooltip-delay="500" data-tooltip-class="aLF-aPX-T-ays" data-tooltip-align="b,c" data-tooltip-offset="-6" aria-label="Submit password" data-tooltip="Submit password" style="user-select: none;" aria-disabled="true">Submit</div>

— I want to click this button using javascript can someone help me

— I need to enter several password and click on submit many times

— Sound like a bruteforce

— Ya but i know password cant remember it

— Click "forgot password"

— Its a pdf

— Lol

— Try your social security number

— And if that doesn't work, try the last 5 digits

— Https://