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January 2019

— Who needs a spreadsheet for his company I can create a variety of spreadsheets


I have been in contact with a representative of a decentralized freelance platform called Taskeva. The platform is being developed and they are interested in developers who might like to join their telegram group and sign up on their platform when its fully functional. Here is the link to their telegram group: taskeva

— Ty

— Is there any group for telegraf?

— Hi, I am using CodeMirror to show the code that I am dynamically assembling. Is there another alternative to CodeMirror?

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— If you have any good practice for CodeMirror I would be very helpful.

— I have used it in the past

— I tried others but codemirror did the job better

— It has many different languages, and you can build your subset of languages

— Https://

— The network part...

— Nice