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January 2019

β€” Who uses WhatsApp πŸ€”


In an article there was written that WhatsApp has surpassed Facebook for registered users so I imagine that many people use WhatsApp

β€” Yup many ppl use whats more the telegram and facebook

β€” Der are more number of active users in whats

β€” The type is First-Person, i see how round zombie attacks me🀀

β€” πŸ€£

β€” Heavy warm greetings from Thailand, yall

β€” I switched from WhatsApp to Telegram. 😍

β€” Even my grandma doesnt use whatsappπŸ˜…

β€” I mean, it's for oldies

β€” Whatsapp cant be compared to telegram

β€” I only compare the public, users in general