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January 2019

— If smth is still not that obvious share with ideas, maybe smbd helps )


Ok understand... regardin wp - posts should I make some query (using mysql and ajax) on the database?

— el.addEventListener("mouseover", () => {
// do stuff

el.addEventListener("mouseleave", () => {
// do stuff

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— 😊 thankyou.

— I need to study this...

— Https://

— Why to query? If your carousel is ready, just move index to the latest slide item

— Perfect 😊 thank you!!!!

— Ok probably I have to mix the code used to catch from wordpress image/title and so waiter (in php) with the script of the carousel.

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— Hi, anu knows how to display a nodejs server as a receiber stream like chromecast or smartTV?

— Should be fairly simple to figure out

— I think the chromecast protocol is open source