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January 2019

— Ou yea, ty


Dear guys, I'm lookgin something to undertand how to use javascript to do some nice effects to my website. Can you suggest me a link with recent update tutorial or examples? Thank you

— Nice effect in terms of what?

— Animation or tricks to change color when you hoover with mouse carousel

— Regarding Carousel I really need to create a carousel showing the last post of the blog (which is in wp)

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— Well, to make animation you need some animation prototype which means you need graphics designer, you know it, right?

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— Since you are on wp take advantage of the plugins

— Usually as an animator you take existing animations over the net and play with numbers

— Or you need to use plugins' existing animation effects

— But if you want to create animations yourself, you need to learn design, too.

— Ok thank you... 😊

— Just write js function to show the latest post - this is what i thought first off